Volunteer Opportunities

The Blake Athletic Department and the Blake Athletic Booster Club rely on parent volunteers to help out in a number of ways. From the concession stand to parent carpools, announcing games to running a scoreboard, Blake parents ensure that our athletic events run smoothly.

We ask that all parents of student-athletes volunteer at least once in the concession stand this year. Please know that in addition to enhancing the atmosphere at our games, the concession stand is also an important fundraiser which benefits all of our student-athletes.

There are also numerous sport-specific volunteer opportunities, most of which do not require prior experience. Please contact the coach of the sport if you have any questions.

Students may also volunteer, and are eligible for SSL hours. (Students may only volunteer if there is at least one adult present in the concession stand). Below is a link to concessions and other volunteer opportunities.

The Blake High School Booster Club is a partnership of Parents and Guardians, Staff Members, Coaches and Club Sponsors, Community Leaders, Businesses and Fans of the Blake Bengals. Our goal is to provide assistance, whether financial (grants or equipment) or volunteer services (parent power, concessions, etc.) to athletic teams and affiliated sports clubs. In its existence, the Boosters have raised over $200,000 for Blake High School sports.



Please consider making a donation to the Blake Athletics Booster Club. Your support helps us to further invest in our student athletes.

Thank you for your support!