Coaching Staff

Below is a list of Blake coaches and Athletic Department staff, along with contact information.

Athletic Director: Jared Fribush (240) 740-1350

Fall Athletic Administrators: Richard Burke and Scott Dunlap

Winter Athletic Administrators: Mike Krawczel and Scott Dunlap

Spring Athletic Administrators: Kristina Valerio and Scott Dunlap

Athletic Trainer: Andrea Durham

Fall 2018 Sports

Cheerleading – Victoria White and Sheila Saunders (Varsity) and Bryanna Simpson (JV).

Cross Country – Head Coach Petros Welday and Assistant Coach Stephanie Staub

Field Hockey – Patrick Howley (Varsity) and Nicole Lertora (JV)

Football – DeShawn Anderson (Varsity) and Bryon Marshall (JV)

Golf – Sam Silverman

Poms – Brianna Lopez

Boys Soccer – Nougais Metellus (Varsity) and Andres Moreno (JV)

Girls Soccer – Jenna Essenmacher (Varsity) and Kristina Valerio (JV)

Girls Volleyball – Maddie Chervenak (Varsity) and Pete Leon Guerrero (JV)

Winter 2018-2019 Sports

Boys Basketball – Dondrell Whitmore (Varsity) and Rick Cook (JV)

Girls Basketball – Kenny Prather (Varsity) and Kathy Boehlert (JV)

Bocce (Corollary) – Phil Barnes

Cheerleading – Victoria White and Sheila Saunders

Indoor Track & Field – Brandon Tynes (Head Coach) and Petros Welday and Aharon Conerly (Assistant Coaches)

Poms –Brianna Lopez

Swim and Dive – Ryan Burnsky

Wrestling – Rasheim Smith (Varsity) and Jenkins Monzey (JV)

Spring 2019 Sports

Baseball – Steve Murfin (Varsity) and (JV – TBA)

Gymnastics – Victoria White

Boys Lacrosse – Jim Potts (Varsity) and Andrew Bader (JV)

Girls Lacrosse – Allison Baisey (Varsity) and (JV – TBA)

Outdoor Track & Field – Brandon Tynes (Head Coach) and Assistant Coaches: DeShawn Anderson, Petros Welday and Aharon Conerly

Softball – Nicole Wallace (Varsity) and (JV – TBA)

Boys Tennis – Jordan Rowell

Girls Tennis – Richard Burke

Boys Volleyball – Dana Mitchell

Coed Volleyball – David Fitzgerald