Multiple Teams · Fall Sports Information

The online registration window for Fall 2018 sports at Blake will open on Monday, July 16th at 12pm! Below is information that parents and students need to know.

Here is a memo from MCPS on the online registration process: MCPS Memo.

How do I register for Fall 2018 sports?

PARENTS may register students through the myMCPS Parent Portal. Registration should be done online by August 6th to ensure that it is processed in time for the student to be able to participate in tryouts on the first day.

What if the parent needs login information or to add a student to the parent account?

Parents may email Blake Athletic Director, Jared Fribush for login information. Parents may also contact the Main Office (240-740-1400) for login information.

Will the student need a Physical Clearance Form (Physical)?

Yes, students need an up to date physical to participate in athletics. If a student already has a physical on file at the school, it is good for one calendar year. Otherwise, the student will need an updated physical, completed by a physician. Parents can download the Physical Clearance Form. There are three ways to submit the Physical Clearance Form: by scanning it and uploading it during the online registration process, by scanning it and emailing it to Blake Athletic Director, Jared Fribush or by handing in a paper copy to the coach on the first day of tryouts.

What if I completed the online registration process for the Winter 2017-2018 or Spring 2018 season at Blake?

If a parent registered a student online in the Winter, the parent must complete the registration process again for the Fall 2018 season. The good news is that most of the information entered in the previous season will have saved and will be pre-populated, which will make the process easier in the current season.

Does MCPS have more detailed directions for how to use the myMCPS portal and register online?

Yes! More detailed directions can be found here.

Where can I find information about tryouts at Blake?

Information about tryouts can be found on the Tryouts page of the Blake website. For most Fall sports, tryouts will begin on August 8th. More sport-specific information, such as tryout times and schedules and coach contact information can be found on this page.

When will game/contest schedules be posted for the 2018-2019 school year?

Schedules for games/contests will be finalized in mid-July and should be posted on our website and CountySportszone by the end of July.