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Saturday, April 21, 2018

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Parents: We need your help! We need volunteers to plan for the mulch sale and volunteer on the day of the event. No experience necessary, and we have a variety of needs… from supervising the refreshments for students to truck and car drivers, we need parent volunteers!To help out with the sale, sign up with Sign Up Genius:


Our annual Mulch Sale is held every spring.  This year it is Saturday, April 21st. Last year we profited almost $54000!  This is our biggest fundraiser! These funds help reduce/offset the costs of much needed sports items-uniforms, dug outs, equipment, etc.  We are In need of volunteers for the following positions.  Many hands make light work, so please consider helping out.  We lost some key parent volunteers from last year, so we need everyone to pitch in!

Coordinate with Mulch vendors-get price quotes, logistics.  We have used Rel’s on Norwood Road in the past, so we already have a strong relationship with them.  THIS IS ACTUALLY DONE AT THIS POINT!

Advertising-Getting the mulch sale flyer out to the community and feeder middle and elementary schools, Colesville Patch, other community newsletters, etc.

Receive orders-Most orders are processed through the website and payments are made into our PayPal account. This person maintains all the orders and payment info. by keeping the orders in an Excel spreadsheet and then creates delivery tickets for the day of the sale.

Delivery Organizers-This requires a few people to help “map” out the deliveries (how many orders on one trip, size of delivery vehicle, etc.) a few days before the sale. On the day of the sale, these people will be at Rel’s overseeing the deliveries and assigning the drivers with delivery sheets.

Hospitality Room-Day of sale we need a few parents to get snacks and drinks for the students, as they are the ones doing the physical labor of loading and unloading the mulch bags.

Volunteer Sign-in Table-Day of sale, we need a few parents to check the students in for their SSL hours.

Delivery vehicles-we need TRUCKS and/or trailers that parents will drive. Last year we rented one box truck for deliveries and it helped speed up the deliveries, so we need parents to volunteer to drive the box truck, preferably two people-each doing one shift (morning and afternoon). Please, if you have a truck, please consider driving for us – the more vehicles, the quicker the deliveries go!  If we rent more box trucks this year, we cut into our profits from the sales, so the more parents who can offer a truck for use, the better for the sale!

Trailer vehicles-We need parents to drive the students that follow the delivery vehicle for the deliveries.  This can be any type of vehicle but the more people you can fit, the quicker the deliveries will go.

Contact for questions:

Jared Fribush, Athletic Director,

Patricia Via, Booster Club President,

Leslie Brown-Savary, Booster Club Treasurer,